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Soybean meal, extracted from the versatile soybean, stands as a key agricultural product globally. At Laxmi Exim, we take pride in offering top-quality soybean meal, a protein-rich by-product obtained after soybeans undergo oil extraction. Widely recognized as an essential component in cattle feed formulations, soybean meal plays a pivotal role in supporting livestock nutrition on a global scale.

Our soybean meal is renowned for its palatability, nutrient density, and high digestibility, making it a preferred choice for cattle feed applications worldwide. With an impressive amino acid profile, our soybean meal serves as a concentrated source of both protein and energy, ensuring optimal growth and vitality in livestock. Prodigy Foods, a trusted name, provides soybean meal with a standard protein content of 45%, and for those seeking higher protein levels, we also offer Hi-pro Soybean Meal exceeding 48%, catering to diverse nutritional needs in the agricultural sector. Choose Laxmi Exim for consistent, high-quality soybean meal to elevate the nutrition of your livestock.

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