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Mustard doc,Mustard oil cake

Laxmi Exim

Mustard Oil Doc

Mustard Doc and Mustard Oil Cake by Laxmi Exim:

Laxmi Exim presents premium-quality Mustard Doc and Mustard Oil Cake, essential components for various applications, especially in the agricultural and animal feed sectors.

Mustard Doc: Mustard Doc, derived from mustard seeds, is a valuable by-product obtained during the oil extraction process. Rich in protein and nutrients, Mustard Doc serves as an excellent supplement in animal feed formulations. Its nutritional composition enhances the overall health and productivity of livestock, making it a preferred choice for farmers and feed manufacturers.

Laxmi Exim

Mustard Oil Cake

Mustard Oil Cake, another essential offering from Laxmi Exim, is the residual material left after the extraction of mustard oil. With a balanced nutritional profile, Mustard Oil Cake is a valuable ingredient in cattle feed. It provides essential nutrients, including protein and fiber, contributing to the overall well-being of animals.

Choose Laxmi Exim for superior-quality Mustard Doc and Mustard Oil Cake, ensuring optimal nutrition for your livestock and crops. Our commitment to quality and sustainability makes us a trusted supplier in the agricultural industry.

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Guar Meal is a rich source of protein and carbohydrates that helps in the growth of animals.
It is 100 percent natural agricultural product without the addition of any chemicals or preservatives.
The processed form of guar meal is added to animal feed as it provides high nutrition and maintains the health of cattle.
Guar meal is highly digestible and improves the digestion of cattle.
It has less moisture content which gives it a long shelf life.

Content Percentage
Protein 46%
Moisture Less than 10%
Oil 1% to 2%
Fiber Less than 2%
Energy 2800-3000 Kcl

Guar Korma Meal Manufacturers in India – Revolutionizing Animal Nutrition

As the demand for high-quality, sustainable feed products continues to rise in the field of animal nutrition, Laxmi Exim has emerged as a leading Guar Korma Meal manufacturer in India, catering to the increasing needs of livestock farmers. Guar Korma, a by-product of the guar gum industry, has gained prominence as a promising alternative for enhancing animal health and productivity.

What is Guar Korma Meal? Guar Korma, derived from guar seed processing, is a protein-rich by-product. As India stands as a major producer of guar gum, Guar Korma is a valuable resource, with most guar seeds cultivated in its semi-arid regions. After guar seeds undergo treatment for guar gum production, the residual endosperm is meticulously extracted to create Guar Korma. This by-product serves as an excellent substitute for conventional protein-rich ingredients in animal feed formulations, boasting a concentrated protein content ranging from 55-58%.

Top Benefits of Guar Korma Meal For Animals:

  1. High Protein Content – Guar Korma Meal provides a substantial protein content, crucial for muscle development, growth, and overall health in animals.

  2. Better Digestibility – Known for its superior digestibility compared to some other protein sources, Guar Korma enhances nutrient absorption, improving feed conversion rates and maximizing productivity.

  3. Non-GMO and Natural – Laxmi Exim ensures that their Guar Korma Meal is non-GMO and naturally sourced, eliminating potentially harmful substances and genetic alterations in feed ingredients.

  4. Cost-Effective – As a cost-effective feed ingredient, Guar Korma proves to be an attractive option for farmers seeking efficient solutions to manage animal feed budgets without compromising quality.

Why Choose Laxmi Exim as the Best Guar Korma Meal Manufacturers in India?

Laxmi Exim, a significant company in the animal feed sector, is based in India, a country known for the richness and sophistication of its agriculture. Laxmi Exim was establish with the goal of revolutionizing the animal nutrition industry. Commit to consistently providing excellent guar korma food to both the domestic and overseas markets. Owing to innovation, this reputed company has established itself as a trusted and respected Guar Korma Meal Manufacturer in India. Here are some of the benefits of choosing us for Guar Korma meal –

  • State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facilities – Laxmi Exim prides itself on modern manufacturing facilities that utilize state-of-the-art technology and strictly implement quality control procedures. Due to their ability to produce Guar Korma at the highest standards, they can maintain the nutritional quality of the food.

  • Research & Development – The business invests heavily in Research & Development to look into new ways to enhance the performance and quality of Guar Korma food. Laxmi Exim continues to lead industry innovation by working with experts in animal nutrition.

  • Sustainability Initiatives – Laxmi Exim has made sustainability one of its guiding principles. The business improves resource efficiency and adopts eco-friendly processes, which benefit the environment while providing ethical and sustainable feed options.

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